Yesterday's Lies

review is from: Yesterday’s Lies (Paperback)

I rated this book
3 stars due to basic grammar tone. It seemed too elementary to me, HOWEVER the
story itself was clever with TWISTS & TURNS entangled within the network
of”Yesterday”s “Lies,” deception between friends and family….Great job Terri
D. on your first novel. I look forward to future books from this aspiring


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  1. Sometimes you have to lie to find the truth…, March 1, 2012

    This review is from: Yesterday’s Lies (Kindle Edition)

    Yesterday’s Lies, by Terri D., is the story of four college co-eds (couples Benjamin and Toni and David and Jada). One night changes the lives of these friends forever. After a college incident, Benjamin disappears without a trace – or so it seems – and Toni is left completely heartbroken. Convinced that she has put her life back together, Benjamin suddenly resurfaces (seven years later) with an agenda of his own. His arrival signals that “Yesterday’s Lies” are now at risk of being exposed.

    Written from the perspective of each of the characters, the reader is afforded each character’s point of view on a given situation. With all the lying going on, I guess that was the only way to keep the reader from feeling he or she was being lied to! At times; however, this approach made the storyline almost feel as if it were playing in slow motion due to all the viewpoints. There were also noticeable editing errors.

    Despite the aforementioned issues, Yesterday’s Lies, still manages to impress with a riveting plot that keeps the reading wanting more. The reader will be amazed at all the twists that Terri D. masterfully connects. I strongly recommend this title and look forward to reading other titles by this author.

    By Foresight Literary Lounge “Author J’son M. Lee”


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