DJGBC Author Interview: Author Alexander M. Smith “In Love’s Time”

10423311_10202864576676071_8283367339644518613_n1. Where are you from?
Buffalo, New York
2. Whats are you working on now?
Just working hard at promoting my first novel and getting ready to start my second.
3. When did you begin writing?
In grade school after the influence of a phenomenal teacher.
4. When did you first consider yourself a writer?
When Author Zane and her sister read my then unedited first work and said they loved it.
5. What inspired you to write “In Love’s Time” ?
The loss of the love of my life. My personal experiences and tales of friend’s experiences.
6. Do you have a specific writing style?
I guess everyone has a style, so I’ll say, “yes.” It direct, honest, and easy to follow.
7. How did you come up with the title “In Love’s Time” ?
It was actually a toss-up between two different titles. The choice was made by the person who inspired the story.
8. Is there a message in “In Love’s Time” that you want readers to grasp?
Yes, that love is amazing. That contrary to popular opinion, all men do have feelings and are not dogs.
9. How much of “In Love’s Time” is realistic?
If I understand this question correctly, I’d say all of it. These situations are very possible and I’m sure occur in the lives of others daily.
11. What books have most influenced your life most?
All works by the great Alexander Dumas.
12. If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?
For this particular genre, I’d have to say Xavier Holland and of course, Zane.
13. What book are you reading now?
The Black Count by Tom Reiss.

14. Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest?
Elissa Gabrielle, Alretha Thomas and definitely Sia Stewart.
15. What current project are you working on?
Working out the details for my second novel, “Episodes.”
16. Name one entity that you feel supported you outside of family members.
The RAWSISTAZ Literary Group.
17. Do you see writing as a career?
Yes, it will definite being something I give my total focus to.
18. If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in “In Love’s Time”?
Not really, I feel the story revealed in it’s entirety.
19. Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?
Yes, in grade school as a result of my first black teacher, Mrs. Shelton. She chose me to recite a tribute to Alexander Dumas during Black History month. Her knowledge of him and what she passed on to me, lite the fuse.
21. Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?
Yes, writing in a manner that allows for respect to the reader. That doesn’t give the reader a choice but to become part of the story, the characters and their lives. Allowing the reader to become one with the writer’s thoughts and feelings during the act of presentment.
22. Who is your favorite author and what is it that really strikes you about their work?
Alexander Dumas. His boldness and bravery for writing as he did. As a black man in those times, his words could’ve easily cost him his life.
23. Do you travel much promoting “In Love’s Time” ?
Not at the moment but more than willing to.
pizap.com1412655024347724. Who designed the cover for “In Love’s Time”?
The cover concept is mine. The actual design work was done by Dashawn Taylor’s company, Hot Book Covers.
25. What was the hardest part of writing “In Love’s Time” ?
Experiences old feelings who’s intensity was just as great as they were many years ago, and trying to put that intensity into words.
26. Did you learn anything from writing “In Love’s Time” and what was it?
It reconfirmed for me that anything is possible. Stay the course and keep God in your heart and there’s nothing you can’t achieve.
27. Do you have any advice for other writers?
Yes! If you have a story to tell, then tell it. Someone out there might really need to hear it.
28. Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?
Yes, “Thank you so very much.” For trusting me, and sharing your capacity to feel. One couldn’t ask for a greater gift than you’ve bestowed on me. I am eternally grateful and you’re all in my prayers always. God Bless!

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DJGBC “Books Of The Month” September 2014

This month has been a very busy one here at DJGBC, our publishing company WBMG Publishing published they’re 2nd book of the year. But not to worry i still have some of the best books released this year on this months “Book of The Month” List. You may not be familiar with some of the authors we choose this month but the books are sure to quench your thirst for something good to read. As always thanks for supporting DJGBC and the Authors we feature.

Jeff “DJ Gatsby” Wilson

mike warrenThe Cool In You by Mike Warren

October 2, 2014
This book is about older gay brothas who still have it going on and wonder why most gay books are about younger gay men who are in their teens, 20’s 30’s. Are older gay brothas not considered attractive, sexy, smart and therefore, no longer wanted by society? This book is about when one’s taste grows up and living your life as an older gay man who still have it going on!

1743603_1533241756913556_616483788133458905_nDream Weaver by Nene Capri

August 19, 2014

When a man has no loyalty he falls into the grip of a code that says death is the only reward for treachery. Derrick is a man that prides himself on backbiting and robbery however he stuck his hands in the wrong man’s pocket. He hides in the shadows whispering the song of deceit until Dream weaves a web of murder that ultimately brings all of Derrick’s lies and deception to the doors of everyone he loves, forcing him to surrender is soul.

The Dream Weaver is a high pace drama that will chill you to the bone as lies, secrets and murder fills every crevice of your mind and never slows down until the vicious are victorious and death is delivered to the whole squad.

61jWdfJCDgL._SL1000_Golden by Charmaine Galloway

January 11, 2014
Twenty year old Golden Brown was a complete mess. On the outside she was cool, calm, and collected. On the inside she was hiding secrets so deep and so dark that thoughts of them made her sick to her stomach and often sent her spiraling into a psychosis that required medication to pull her out. She trusted no one, had faith in no one, got close to no one. But when Marquis Jones, the man of her dreams, came along, everything began to change.
No longer was she able to bury the past in the dredges of her mind. Now it was time to face the demons that had been plaguing her since she was a child. But could Golden do it? Could she conquer a past so sinister it almost killed her just as it had killed another. Or was she destined to let it defeat her and destroy life as she knew it?

81Pfr0e6O9L._SL1500_A Boss Chic 3 by Shantay

October 20, 2014
In the last installment to the Boss Chic series comes the question that everyone is dying to know; did Jasmine die? Seems like the day Jared set eyes on Jasmine, both of their lives have been a living hell. Haters came in all directions trying their hardest to do what nobody could do; tear apart their love. With Jasmine fighting for her life Jared is fighting to keep his sanity. The beast in him awoke and he’s painting Los Angeles red. Will Jasmine survive? Will their love withstand it all? Find out in this gritty urban tale by best selling author Shantay.

10661776_10153179401574502_519350124413722571_oShug’ah by Imani Writes

October 14, 2014

Shug’ah has an ideal teenaged life and a boyfriend who loves her. However, her life changes at fifteen when she becomes the victim of rape. After a year of being violated, Shug’ah puts an end to the assault the only way she knows how…by murdering her rapist.

After serving time in a juvenile facility for murder, at twenty-one, Shug’ah finds herself outcast and alone. She joins an all-male crew, making them her new “family”. She’s got something to prove, becoming a paid killer for one of LAPD’s dirtiest cops. When the crew’s leader is gunned down, Shug’ah steps up to help lead the group. Everything is good until her past shows up, offering her a chance at a life she believed was out of her reach.

Shug’ah’s worlds begin to collide. Can she stop it? Can she really have the happiness she desires? Or is it too late?

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DJGBC Authors Spotlight: Author A.D. Burks “Sex & Surrender”

Author AD Burks is one of the most interesting  Authors that  i have ever had the pleasure of interviewing on The Who’s Who In African American Literature Blog Talk Radio Show. The life that A.D. Burks has led is a very interesting one and his book “Sex & Surrender” gives us a look at his struggles with “Sex Addition” and how God helped him change his life around.

FINAL-Headshot web

A.D. Burks is a native Texan and true Renaissance manAfter earning a degree in Chemistry from Grinnell College, he pursued a music career while teaching in the Atlanta, Nashville and Houston public school systems. A.D. has a Master’s in Business Administration from Rice University. With Sex & Surrender, A.D. returns to his first love, and what he considers his calling— creativity and spiritual growth.  In this book, he shares life lessons and experiences he has learned through his journey. A.D. has spoken locally and regionally on the connection between HIV and sex addiction.

995254_754197294597050_458350606_nBook Description

Publication Date: April 3, 2013

SEX & SURRENDER follows the journey of A.D. Burks, a recovering sex addict. Raised predominantly in a single-parent religious-based home, A.D. was given every opportunity to succeed in life, and he did. He flourished in the education, entertainment and corporate arenas, and his life looked picture perfect from the outside. Yet deep down his personal life was tormenting him due to the conflict between his spiritual and sexual beliefs. Longing for the perfect/traditional family he never had with his female best-friend, he redirected his pain through countless forms of risky sexual behavior.

Sex & Surrender graphically recounts the addictive cycle which lasted nearly 12 years and almost ended his life—until he had a dream that helped him realize he had to find a way out. Therapy and spiritual counseling provided a temporary respite and helped him devise a four-step process to manage his addiction. Yet his true breakthrough didn’t come until the root of his pain was uncovered.

DJGBC Spotlights: The Authors of Wahida Clark Publications (WCP)

booksNew York Times Bestselling Author Wahida Clark has built a Publishing Empire that features some of the most talented and gifted Authors writing books today. DJ Gatsby Book Club spotlights a few of these authors in this their first article on this unique Publishing Company known as Wahida Clark Publishing.


She is crowned the Queen of Thug Love Fiction by Nikki Turner, but since has been crowned the Queen of Street Literature. Wahida’s style of writing is the “template” for urban literature.

Wahida Clark created the Thug Love Fiction genre, which is a sub-genre of street lit as cited in “The Reader’s Guide to Street Literature”, by Vanessa Irvin Morris. Clark is also the first street lit author to pen a series, thus establishing the trend. When you read her novels, they are so real you are convinced of one of three things: you know the characters; you want to know the characters; or you are one of the characters.


The author CA$H was born Reginald Alexander in Cleveland, Ohio. Later after he moved to the south and became caught up in hustling, the streets of Atlanta christened him “Cash”. 

He wore the nickname like a badge of honor as he ascended the ladder of success in the insidious game of drug dealing in the inner city. Then the inevitable fall snatched away his ill-gained hood riches, in 1991, and landed him in prison to begin serving a long sentence.

Not since Donald Goines many say, has a “street” author captured the essence of the streets with the true grittiness with which Cash writes. In 1994, he was featured in Prison Life magazine (The Fall of a Ghetto King). In 1994, he also won a PEN America Award in a national writing contest for prisoners. Cash is the father of six children: Destini, Keke, Cassius, Jakia, Cortez, and LeCassshiuss. His hobbies are basketball, chess, and of course, reading.


The voice of young adults uses relevant experiences to write colorful stories for teenagers. Charmaine White was raised in Milwaukee Wisconsin and currently lives in Wisconsin Dells Wisconsin.

Being a high school senior, involved in Varsity Cheerleading and honors groups, such as The National Honor Society, she is able to be the voice of young adults when crafting such relatable novels. Knowing the secrets, and all the behind the scene action that happens in high school, Charmaine White found a way to turn these issues into realistic, dramatic stories.

She likes to “keep it real”, through and through, so one will never be unsatisfied when reading her novels. Exposing the cliques, parties, and drama, Charmaine White will definitely make high school novels more interesting.


Gloria Dotson-Lewis is a budding author who resides in a suburb near Chicago. Her debut, Living Proof was a short story contribution to the critically acclaimed HIV/AIDS anthology,The Shattered Glass Effect.

Ninety-Nine Problems is her first young adult novel. Currently pursuing her degree in Social Work, this married mother of three is dedicated to creating a non-profit organization geared specifically toward African American teen girls. Her goal is to create an environment that will empower, encourage and educate young women with the skills they need to make responsible choices that will lead to a healthy, successful future.


Al Dickens was born in Winter Haven, Florida. He and his family (mother,father and sister) moved to Newark, New Jersey in the early forties. 

Raised in the streets of Newark’s 2nd and 3rd wards made it almost inevitable that Al would start having serious trouble with the law by the age of 14. Al spent the last 16 years of his life behind bars as a result of two armed robbery convictions. But the prison turned out to be a golden opportunity for Al to get a formal education; and he took full advantage of it. By the time Al completed two years of college, he had co-authored three books and was working on Uncle Yah Yah.

Al says, The knowledge, wisdom and understanding of self, society and religion, are the magical potions which transforms your world from a sphere of meaningless conglomerations of people, places and things and changes them into specific categories of elements to be assimilated for strength, or to be opposed for protection. Such a character possessed of this golden elixir is referred to as Omnipresent, or living in-tune with what’s happening now. I know, because I crawled into this prison cell-like cocoon a lowly caterpillar, but I shall emerge a butterfly, dancing about and kissing the pretty flowers in the springtime of my youth. Watch for me.


Intelligent Allah’s full name is Intelligent Tarref Allah, but he is affectionately known by family and friends as Intell. Born and raised on the chaotic streets of Brownsville and East New York, Brooklyn, Intelligent was a poet and aspiring rapper prior to becoming incarcerated in 1994.

Intelligent is a graduate of the Writer’s Digest School’s Writing Workshop. He also completed writing/grammar courses sponsored by Rising Hope Inc., Shawangunk Valley School, and Bard College through which he is currently pursuing his Associates in Arts.

His works have been published on the website, His writings have been published in The Five Percenter newspaper and American Vegan magazine. The New York Amsterdam News has accepted his work as well. Intelligent was contracted as an editor and copywriter for publishing companies such as Cinobe Publishing and Green & Company. He is the co-editor of Wahida Clark’s bestselling novel Thug Matrimony (Kensington Corp.). He also served on the editorial board for prison newsletters, The Lifer’s Call and Ujima.


Mike Jefferies is currently incarcerated in Beaumont, Texas.


Ne Ne Capri spent the first 18 years of her life without her father who was serving a life sentence for murder, raised on the ill streets of North Jersey by a mother and grandmother in Wilson Place and Mechanic St. projects; being heavily influenced by her surroundings she went head first into the streets. Once her grandmother passed in 1992 the only crutch she would have to get through it was alcohol and weed. Being a 16 year old high school dropout with very little work experience she picked up on the neighborhood trades which only pushed her further into the streets and spun her totally out of control. It would be many brushes with death that would present a fork in the road and provide an opportunity for change.

At 18 she met Wahida Clark who quickly placed her under her wing relocated her to Georgia and put her on the road to success. Currently Ne Ne Capri attends Temple University in Philadelphia, PA in pursuit of a law degree, also active in Prodigal Sons and Draughts Redirection Inc. in an effort deter and redirect our youth to become productive members of society. She lives by the motto, “Good things come to those who wait, but only what’s left by those who hustle.”


Sereniti Hall was just released from serving a seven year federal prison sentence. She now resides in Macon, Georgia.


Born in Summit, NJ and raised in the Valley section of Orange, NJ, Tash Hawthorne cannot be viewed as the typical Jersey Girl. Writing evolved from that of her mother.

Tash showed early signs of her gift of script at the age of 9; winning second place in a state-wide essay contest for students in grades 4-6. At age 14, she placed first in another essay contest which consisted of 1300 junior high school candidates along the East Coast. Despite her early accolades, Tash did not seriously begin writing until the age of 17, three months after the untimely passing of her best friend.

Writing became a therapeutic way to escape the unpleasant realities of her surroundings. And it was in that time of salutary that her first screenplay, “The Jaded Edge” was born. Her second screenplay is entitled “Nu JeruSlum” and another stage play entitled “Mourning Glory.” Tash began to write a third screenplay entitled “Karma.” Throughout that year, she experienced unsettling thoughts about the format of the piece. It was not until a year later when she decided to turn it into a novel. Karma, like all of Tash’s works, encompasses the reality of life as she sees it and knows it.


Victor L. Martin, AKA Mr. Hood Legend first entered the Urban Lit scene in 2004 with his novel A Hood Legend . He is now serving time in a North Carolina State Penitentiary.


Growing up in the streets of New Jersey was no cake walk for Missy Jackson. After enduring the all too common trials of the hood, Missy found herself turning to writing as a positive therapeutic outlet. Missy currently resides in Somerset, New Jersey.

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DJGBC Author Spotlight: The Golden Hustla 2 by Wahida Clark (Wahida Clark Presents)

The Golden Hustla 2 (Release Date – October 28, 2014) by Wahida Clark (Wahida Clark Presents)

10703854_10202930778091065_3875673533839252095_oCorporate Thuggin Hustle. Mafia Hustle. Fifty Million Dollar Hustle. Thats what the struggle all boils down to as Nina Coles, the Golden Hustla from Trenton, New Jersey discovers the unforgiving truth: She can not have both: The man and money of her dreams. Major drama brews once Nina and retired law enforcement agent, Rick Brown (Thug Series) discovers the true love of his life, Kyra Blackshear, is still alive. Is the fifty million dollars he steals with Nina worth losing for true love? Nina escaped once, but can she escape the Golden Hustle twice? Will Rick be her rock or will he choose Kyra? Because eventually Every Thug Needs a Lady.

DJ Gatsby Book Clubs Author Spotlight: Author Alexander Smith “In Love’s Time”


DJ Gatsby’s Book Club wants you all to get familiar with Author Alex Smith from San Diego, California. He has a new book just released by Pink Kiss Publishing Company entitled “In Loves Time”.

*Purchase “In Love’s Time” (Paperback) – by Alexander M. Smith (Author) Available @ Amazon.Com

In Love’s Time by Alexander Smith

Simply put, love can be elusive. When stimulated by it, the mind and heart’s desire to possess it can often lead us to venture down roads we might never have considered to travel. Yet still we embark upon this venture with no real guarantee, other than the knowledge that if successful all will be right with our world. The truly ironic part is that even if we don’t succeed the very first, second or fifth time, the promise of experiencing this heavenly blissful event, gives us the courage, hope and tenacity required in continuing pursuit of it. For those who believe in love will, feel love, seek love, and eventually find love. This lifelong pursuit Trevon Aubrey knows all too well. He’s also well accustomed with the adversities one must sometimes face when becoming involved in a relationship. Ever since being introduced to love at a very young age, Trevon’s had his share of failed relationships. The result of which bringing to mind the question of, “Just how many must I endure before finding my perfect match or soul mate? Simply put, “The One.” A concept, that Trevon strongly believes in. Packed with emotion, “In Love’s Time” is more than a love story. It covers, the love of family, friends, the nuance of new love, the pain of betrayal and loss, lust, desire, the conflicts of career versus relationship, the influence relationships have on the choices we make favorable and unfavorable, setting and achieving goals, the importance of communication, faith, fate and the joy of love reunited. As seen from a male’s perspective, a refreshingly informative view of love and illumination of the journey from adolescence to manhood. The story is sensual and while drawing on the tradition of Erotica, introduces emotional complexity welcomed by readers of most all genres.

*Now available in paperback @ Amazon “Lounge Time Stories” by Author Andrea Yvette


DJ Gatsby & WBMG Publishing presents “Lounge Time Stories” by Andrea Yvette

Author and Poet, Andrea Yvette, pours all of her passion and love for writing into this her first book, “Lounge Time Stories.” In this thrilling Novella, she shares three very different stories. First there is, “It Wasn’t Me.” A suspense filled drama that is sure to keep you hanging on every word. Then there is “How A Man Loves His Woman.” It is a poetic love story that has a tragic twist and is sure to teach you a thing or two about love. Finally, she ends the book with “They’re Not Your Friends.” An eye-opening drama that sheds light on the stereotypes and prejudices of dating.

pizap.com14116287514813About the Author

Andrea Yvette has been featured in the Author’s Corner of the ever popular online magazine, Trendsetter to Trendsetter, as the Author of the month in 2013. “Lounge Time Stories” is published by WBMG Publishing and is available on Amazon in Paperback as well as Kindle and Barnes & Noble “Nook”. At her reader’s request, Andrea Yvette is currently working on her first poetry book entitled, “Empty Spaces” as well as Volume II, a complete new set of “Lounge Time Stories.”

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pizap.com14116129769121Andrea Yvette a/k/a Andrea Holman is the first American Author signed by DJ Gatsby & WBMG Publishing. She is a dedicated & passionate author who loves her readers and her writing. While she does not have plans for a book tour or any book signings she is both anxious and excited to meets her fans.

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